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Revitalising Hospitality Excellence: Kumasi Technical University Hosts Transformative Workshop for HCIM Staff

Picture: A session of the participants in a group discussion.
The Hotel Catering and Institutional Management Department (HCIM) of Kumasi Technical University recently organised a dynamic week-long training workshop for its dedicated staff from May 15th to May 19th, 2023. The workshop, supported by the Ghana Tourism Development Project (GTDP), aimed to equip participants with new skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. With an impressive lineup of distinguished speakers and engaging group discussions, the event proved to be an invaluable opportunity for professional growth and collaboration.
Mrs. Priscilla Osae-Akonnor, a senior lecturer in the department, commenced the training with the introduction of esteemed dignitaries. Among them was Prof. Gabriel Dwomoh, the Pro-Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Felix Engmann, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology, who delivered a warm and inspiring welcome address. Prof. Engmann emphasized the significance of the training in fostering innovation and excellence within the hospitality field.
Dr. Joseph Antwi, the esteemed Project Consultant of the Ghana Tourism Development Project, took the stage to share his valuable insights with the stakeholders. Dr. Antwi highlighted the challenges faced by the hospitality industry in Ghana and emphasized the importance of collaboration between industry professionals and academia.

Leading the engaging discussions was Dr. Vida Commey, the Head of HCIM. Dr. Commey skillfully guided the participants through interactive group sessions, fostering an environment of open sharing and innovative thinking. Each day's activities were thoughtfully structured, closing in question-and-answer sessions that allowed for a deeper exploration of the topics covered.
Throughout the week, participants were divided into groups, providing them with the opportunity to exchange ideas and share their expertise. The diverse range of perspectives fueled engaging conversations. 


In conclusion, the week-long training workshop organised by HCIM at Kumasi Technical University, with the support of GTDP, proved to be a transformative experience for the staff. By equipping them with the latest skills and ideas, the workshop has not only elevated the competence of the participants but also has the potential to contribute significantly to the advancement of KsTU and the hospitality industry in Ghana as a whole.

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