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(a) Management of Halls of Residence 

  • The Hall Council shall be the Governing Body of the Halls of Residence. 
  • The Hall Council shall be established, subject to the University Statutes. Kumasi Technical University Page 36 
  • The Hall Master/Mistress shall be the chairman of the Hall Council and shall be responsible for the administration of the halls. 

(b) Provision of Accommodation 

  • Admission to the University does not entitle any student at any time to University accommodation. Places in Halls shall be allocated to students in accordance with policy determination for that purpose from time to time by the Residence and Housing Committee of the Academic Board. 
  • Students shall report to residence on the first day of every semester except where permission has been granted by the Registrar. 
  • In cases where return is unexpectedly delayed, the Hall Master must be notified not later than the seventh day of the semester. 
  • Students who fail to sign the Residence Book shall be deemed to have reported late. 
  • Students who report after two weeks of the semester without permission may be refused admission by the hall authorities. 
  • This is without prejudice to whatever action that shall be taken by the Faculty, should the student fail to register with the Faculty. 

(c) Admission to the Halls of Residence 

  • Students in University accommodation shall at the beginning of the academic year for the amount due and sign the Residence Book placed at the Porters’ Lodge. 
  • Semester dates shall be published through the University Notice Board. Students must come into residence on the first day of every semester unless special permission has been granted by the Registrar. 
  • It shall be a misconduct for a non-resident student to be found lodging in a student cubicle in a Hall of Residence. 

(d) Registration of Resident Students 

  • Every resident student shall report at the Porter’s Lodge of the Hall of Residence to which he/she has been assigned. 
  • The student shall present his/her receipt to the Porter on duty who shall assign to him or her a cubicle. 
  • He/she is required to sign the Residence Register at the Porter’s Lodge. 

(e) Freedom of movement within the University premises 

  • Students have freedom of movement within the precincts of the University except as stated below. 
  • The men’s rooms shall be out of bounds to women and the women’s rooms shall be out of bounds to men before noon and after 10pm. 

(f) Loss of Property 

  • The University accepts no responsibility for the loss of students’ property. 
  • A student who destroys or loses the key to his cubicle shall pay for its replacement. 
  • Students shall hand over keys to the rooms to the Porter on duty whenever they go out. 
  • Students shall be required to sign an inventory of the furniture and fixtures and any other University property in their cubicles and shall be accountable for such at the end of each semester. 
  • No commercial activity is permitted in students’ cubicles, e.g. photocopying, typesetting, CD burning, scanning, sale and repair of mobile phones, sale of phone cards, pens, etc. 
  • Plumbing and electrical fittings, door locks furniture (louvre blades, beds, mattresses, etc) remain the property of the Hall and should be handled with extreme care. 
  • Faults found with any Hall facility or item should be reported and recorded in the Fault Occurrence Book at the Porters’ Lodge for attention. Under no circumstance should any occupant force a door lock open if they lock themselves out. Duplicate keys are obtainable at the Porters’ Lodge. 
  • “Perching” or allowing a non-resident student to share your room violates University Regulations and is therefore prohibited. Residents of a room caught with a “percher or perchers’ shall be expelled from the Hall. 
  • Excessive noise making from sound systems, shouting, etc. is prohibited. Students who persistently play their sound systems loudly shall have the system seized after two warnings from the Hall Master, or the Porter on duty or any official of the Hall. 
  • Smoking and drunkenness in the Hall is strictly prohibited. 
  • No student should throw rubbish or litter in the form of pieces of paper, empty water sachets, polythene bags, food wrappers, etc., over their balconies or onto the compound and the surroundings of the Hall. 
  • Rubbish should be disposed of in the bins provided at the floor corridors and emptied as often as possible into the main dustbins provided at the ends of each floor. 
  • Throwing of waste water over the balcony or the veranda is strictly forbidden. 
  • Posting of bills and notices on the walls in the Hall is strictly prohibited 

(g) Visitors to Halls of Residence 

Visitors shall be received at the reception or Television Rooms of the Halls of Residence 

(h) Arrangement at end of Semester 

  • No student may vacate his/her cubicle before the end of semester without the written permission from his Dean or Hall Master. 
  • A student granted such permission must sign the Residence Book. 
  • Any student who contravenes this rule shall be liable to a suspension from the Hall for a period not exceeding two weeks. iv. Students are expected to leave for their vacation 


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