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Picture: Dr. Charles Obeng-Sarpong (extreme right) presenting a dummy cheque to Hon. Helen Ntoso on behalf of the concerned MPs.

In the wake of the devastating consequences of the Akosombo Dam spillage, Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) has emerged as a beacon of hope, extending a lifeline to the affected communities. The University has offered GH₵100,000 worth of scholarship for female students residing in areas ravaged by the spillage. The scholarship aims to support and encourage the pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programmes at KsTU.

The tragedy has left thousands of students unable to continue their education, as their classrooms have been transformed into shelters for the victims of the flood. Families, grappling with the loss of homes and possessions, are now faced with the daunting challenge of securing their children's education. In response to this pressing need, KsTU has taken a proactive step in mitigating the impact on female students by providing them with a financial gateway to STEM education.


Dr. Charles Obeng-Sarpong, the University Relations Officer of KsTU, presented the dummy cheque to Members of Parliament representing constituencies of the affected areas. The scholarship is not only a financial lifeline but also, a commitment to fostering gender equality in STEM fields, acknowledging the potential of female students to excel in these crucial areas which over the years, have been male-dominated.

In addition to the GH₵ 100,000 worth of scholarship which was instituted by the University, KsTU staff also donated teaching and learning materials including ten thousand exercise books, four thousand pens, four thousand pencils in addition to assorted clothes, shoes and a number of reading materials totalling GH₵ 60,000.00

Dr. Charles Obeng-Sarpong emphasised the University's concern for the education of students affected by the disaster, stating, "We are not only providing financial assistance but also tangible support to ensure that the students can resume their education with the necessary learning materials".


The scholarship, totalling GH₵100,000, is not just a one-time relief; it covers the entire duration of the programme, spanning four years. This long-term commitment is aimed at alleviating the burden on the affected families and empower female students to pursue their academic dreams without financial constraints.

Madam Helen Ntoso, the MP for Krachi West, expressed her heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the MPs representing the affected constituencies. "We are so grateful to them, and we know that this will go a long way in helping our people, especially those in deprived areas. We are also grateful to them for the scholarship scheme; this is an encouragement to the girl child," she remarked.

As the floodwaters recede, KsTU's unwavering support serves as a testament to the University's commitment to community development and education. The scholarship and donations reflect KsTU’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and its dedication to empowering students from underserved communities. The University recognises the transformative power of education and is committed to creating opportunities for all students to thrive, especially, female students.


University Relations Office

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