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Enhancing Student Training and Industry Collaboration: KsTU signs an MoU with the Kantanka Group

Enhancing Student Training and Industry Collaboration: KsTU signs an MoU with the Kantanka Group

Picture: The Vice-Chancellor of KsTU, Prof. Gabriel Dwomoh (5th from right) and the General Manager of Kantanka Group, Mr. Francis Kojo Kudjordie (4th from left) display the signed MoU. They are joined by other officials from both institutions.

In a significant move to bridge the gap between academia and industry, Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kantanka Automobile Company Limited. The June 7, 2024 agreement aims at a workable partnership that will benefit students and the broader automobile industry.

The MoU which was signed by KsTU's Vice-Chancellor Prof. Gabriel Dwomoh and the Kantanka Group's General Manager Mr. Francis Kojo Kudjordie, is designed to provide students with invaluable hands-on training and practical experience. This collaboration marks a milestone in KsTU's usual efforts to enhance the quality of education and ensure that its students are well-equipped to meet industry demands.

Picture: The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Gabriel Dwomoh and the Acting Registrar, Dr Jenkins Asaah signing the MoU 

Prof. Dwomoh expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasising its potential to revolutionise automotive research and training in Ghana. "Research is crucial to unlocking the potential of our automobile industry. This partnership is a significant step forward, and we are eager to implement the initiatives outlined in the MoU. I am confident that this collaboration will yield substantial benefits for both parties," he stated.

The MoU outlines several key areas of cooperation. Kantanka Automobile will provide industrial internships for KsTU students, ranging from three to twelve months, giving them exposure to real-world automotive manufacturing and assembling processes. This hands-on experience is expected to complement their theoretical knowledge, making them more competent and job-ready upon graduation.

Moreover, the partnership will facilitate joint scientific research and publication of the findings, contributing to the development of innovative automotive technologies. Kantanka Automobile, known for its pioneering work in using locally sourced components, will collaborate with KsTU to develop new methods and solve industry-specific challenges. This aspect of the partnership underscores the commitment to advancing the automotive sector through research and innovation.

Picture : Mr. Francis Kojo Kudjordie, Kantanka Group's General Manager signing his part of the MoU

Mr. Kudjordie highlighted the importance of practical training, noting that while students often excel academically, they sometimes lack practical skills. "We've observed that students, despite their good grades, often struggle with the practical aspects of their work. This partnership is our way of addressing that gap, ensuring that students do not only understand the theory but also, can apply it effectively in real-world scenarios," he explained.

The MoU also includes provisions for guest lectures and workshops, where Kantanka's experts will share their knowledge with students and faculty at KsTU. This initiative aims to keep the University's curriculum aligned with current industry trends and demands. 

Madam Rita Gyawu, Head of Industrial Liaison at KsTU, expressed her appreciation for the long-standing relationship between the two institutions. She noted the positive impact of previous engagements, where Kantanka has provided internship and employment opportunities for KsTU students. "This MoU formalises and strengthens our collaboration, ensuring that our students continue to benefit from Kantanka's expertise and opportunities," she said.

Prof. Julius Cudjoe Ahiekpor, Vice Dean for the Faculty of Engineering, underscored the significance of the MoU in bridging the gap between academia and industry. He commended the Vice-Chancellor for his vision and leadership in spearheading this initiative. "This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing quality education that meets the needs of the industry. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will create for our students and faculty," he added.

The MoU, set to last for five years with the possibility of renewal, represents a long-term commitment to enhancing technical education and fostering innovation in Ghana's automobile industry. Both KsTU and Kantanka Group are optimistic about the future of this partnership and its potential to drive national development through improved education and industry collaboration.


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