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Admission Policies

This Policy is intended to provide clear framework for admission procedures and practices of Kumasi Technical University. The Policy shall apply to the admission of all categories of students to accredited programmes in undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University. 

Students Attachment Policy

Kumasi Technical University has the obligation to produce graduates who are relevant to industry.

Workplace HIV/AIDs Policy

The main purpose of University education is to train high caliber and skilled manpower needed for the country. For this reason, the health needs of its products must be ensured.

Transport And Vehicle Maintenance Policy

This transport policy aims at aligning the demand and supply of the University transport services through effective management of the University’s vehicles, increasing staff and students understanding of the overall university fleet programs, providing a greater accountability of the University f

Staff Development Policy

Staff development refers to all the policies, practices, and procedures used to develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies of staff to improve the effectiveness and efficiency both of the individual and the Kumasi Technical University.

Software Management And Usage Policy

Kumasi Technical University approves the use of computer software from a variety of third parties. Such software is normally copyrighted by the software developer and, unless expressly authorized to do so, Kumasi Technical University has no right to make copies of the software or to use them.

Quality Assurance Policy

Kumasi Technical University was initially established in 1954 as Kumasi Technical Institute and later as a non-tertiary Polytechnic under the Ghana Education Service in October 13, 1963 offering Technician, Diploma and Sub-Professional programmes alongside the craft programmes.

Publications And Research Ethics Policy

The pursuit of research for the benefit of society and the publication of research findings are the core mandates of Kumasi Technical University as spelt out in the Technical University Act 2016 (Act 922).

Project Work/Thesis/Dissertation Policy

This document is a general guide to the presentation and submission of students’ project work / thesis and dissertations. It also contains additional information about related policies and procedures for assessment.

Private Sector Oriented Policy

The importance of the private sector development in Ghana cannot be over emphasized. The private sector comprises mainly the Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs). These MSMEs have some technological challenges.

Posting And Communication Policy

This posting and communication policy document covers the posting of all paper advertisements, flyers and posters (hard and digital) on Kumasi Technical University property and installations.

Maintenance Policy

Estate Unit is the custodian of the University’s owned physical assets and is responsible for ensuring that the assets are maintained to appropriate standards. Resources invested in maintenance provide the institution with a significant return on investment by: 

Library Policy

This policy focuses on all important functional areas of the Library and delineates a clear policy as to how the activities of the Library, like collection development, provision of information services, and management of other academic support facilities shall be offered.

Leave Policy

Kumasi Technical University is committed to the welfare of its employees and recognizes the need to give them the opportunity to rest after long periods of working, to upgrade their knowledge and also attend to urgent issues outside the work environment. 

International Travel Policy

Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) is committed to international travels where staff need to travel to attend conferences, workshops study abroad amongst others.

Intellectual Property Rights And Commercialization Policy

Kumasi Technical University is committed to teaching, research driven learning and any scholarly engagements associated with it, as well as public and private service.

ICT Security Policy

These security policies are provided for all members of the University community to establish requirements for each individual to follow in order to safeguard the University’s academic and administrative information resources.

ICT Resources Use Policy

As a public institution of higher education, Kumasi Technical University is committed to fostering an educational climate in which students, lecturers and non-teaching staff can approach their respective roles with a sense of high purpose as well as being able to study and work without obstr

Fixed Assets Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the guidelines, regulations and procedures governing the control and reporting of fixed assets. This includes accountability for the assets, meeting financial reporting needs, and generating asset management information.

Ethics Policy

The Kumasi Technical University, in pursuance of training skilled tertiary level manpower for the socio-economic development of the country is committed to ensuring that its staff conduct themselves in such a manner that promotes mutual trust as well as public confidence in the University. 

Document Retention And Disposal Policy

To define retention periods and disposal actions for Kumasi Technical University paper and electronic records in order to meet the requirements of the Public Records and Archives Administration Department (PRAAD) ACT 535, 1997, Public Financial Management Act, 2016 (Act 921), Financial Administra

Disability Policy

In view of the importance of all-inclusive institution where the abilities and rights of persons with disability are to be respected, the Institution has put in place this Disability Policy to protect the interest and rights of persons with disability.

Communication And Relations Policy

This posting and communication policy document covers the posting of all paper advertisements, flyers and posters (hard and digital) on Kumasi Technical University property and installations.

Appointments And Promotions Policy

The purpose of this policy is for the Appointments and Promotions of Teaching and Non-Teaching Senior Members of Kumasi Technical University to be in tune with the Scheme of Service of the Technical University. 

IDCE Policy & Procedures Manual

Education is the foundation upon which a free and just society is built. If continuous and concerted efforts are not made to provide quality education that is accessible to successive generations of citizens that foundation would crumble.

Examination and Assessment Policy

This policy deals with the systems, infrastructure, invigilation responsibilities, student responsibility and other aspects of the examination process for examinations within Kumasi Technical University (KsTU).

About KsTU

Kumasi Technical University was established in 1954 as Kumasi Technical Institute (K. T. I. ) to offer craft courses. In 1963, the Institute was converted to a non-tertiary Polytechnic status under the Ghana Education Service to start offering, in addition, technician diploma and sub- professional courses.

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Postal Address: P. O. Box 854, Kumasi 


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