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The HR Directorate Empowers New Heads in Orientation Programme

Kumasi Technical University recently organised an orientation programme aimed at providing essential leadership skills and knowledge to its newly appointed Deans, Directors, Vice Deans, Deputy Directors and Heads of Department (HoDs). The programme was organised by the Human Resource Directorate with the goal of ensuring that these appointees could confidently and effectively fulfill their roles in their respective positions.

The programme featured a lineup of resource persons selected from within the University community with each of them presenting on various topics relevant to the responsibilities of the new appointees. Throughout the sessions, participants had the opportunity to engage with the presenters, asking questions and seeking clarifications on the topics covered. 

In her opening remarks, the Head of the Human Resource Directorate, Mrs. Mary Safowaa Akom, extended her warm congratulations to the new HoDs and expressed her optimism about their success in their leadership roles. She emphasised the significance of the orientation programme in enhancing the functions of the officers.

Mrs. Akom assured the new appointees that the entire University Management was fully committed to supporting them in their journey towards success. She emphasised that they were not alone in navigating the complexities of their roles and encouraged the Heads to have a clear vision for their respective departments and to effectively communicate those visions to their team members.

During the presentation on "Human Resource Responsibilities of HoDs/Faculties”, the focus was on the importance of Heads of Units in ensuring that the general administration of their departments was aligned with the University’s policies, including those related to human, financial, and material resources.

Furthermore, the Planning and Quality Assurance, Finance and the Audit directorates also delivered presentations, providing valuable insights into their respective areas of expertise.

In a presentation on the "Financial Role of Heads of Department," the Finance Directorate explained the critical role of the Financial Regulations and Governance policies in controlling resources, ensuring legislative compliance and safeguarding the University's assets. The presentation also threw more light on the financial responsibilities and acceptable processes that HoDs should adhere to.

Other crucial topics covered during the orientation included Procurement, KsTU Statutes and Procedures, the IT Software, Appointments, the Role of HoDs in Quality Assurance Processes at KsTU.  

The orientation programme served as a platform for the newly appointed Heads to gain firsthand knowledge of administrative procedures as well as immersing themselves deeply into the mission and vision of the University.

The orientation programme underscores Kumasi Technical University's commitment to fostering leadership excellence and ensuring that its newly appointed leaders are well-equipped to lead their respective outfits.

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Kumasi Technical University was established in 1954 as Kumasi Technical Institute (K. T. I. ) to offer craft courses. In 1963, the Institute was converted to a non-tertiary Polytechnic status under the Ghana Education Service to start offering, in addition, technician diploma and sub- professional courses.

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