Dr Mrs Adwoa Benewaa Brefo-Manuh

Dr Mrs Adwoa Benewaa Brefo-Manuh
Staff Grade: 
  • 2019: Universidad Empresarrial de Costa Rica, (Business University of Costa Rica) Costa Rica: PhD Human Resource Management
  • 2011: KNUST School of Business, Kumasi, Ghana: MBA (Human Resources Management)
  • 2003: University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana: B.Ed. Foundations (Management and Psychology)
  • 1996: College of Education, Akrokerri - Ashanti, Ghana: 3-Year Post Secondary Teacher Certificate ‘A’
Brief Bio: 

Dr Mrs Adwoa Benewaa Brefo-Manuh is a Lecturer in the Management Studies Department. She has twenty-four (24) years of teaching experience at all levels of education in Ghana, from the basic and Secondary School levels for fifteen (15) years before joining the Tertiary Level. She has nine (9) years of experience as a University Faculty Member. Dr Brefo-Manuh joined Kumasi Technical University in 2012 and has since been lecturing, researching and mentoring students.

Her research interests include performance management, performance appraisal justice, training and development, talent management. She has held several positions in the University including: Coordinator: Management Studies Department, Examinations Officer: Management Studies Department, Faculty Board Representative for Management Studies Department. She has also been a member of some committees including: Strategic Plan Review Committee that worked on the 5 year (2020-2025) Strategic Plan for Kumasi Technical University, Decentralisation Committee, Proposed Four Year Btech Programme Committee, Ad-hoc Committee on Shared Modalities for IDCE claims, Handouts Committee

Research Interests: 

Performance Management, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal Justice, Talent Management

Teaching Areas: 

Organisational Behaviour,

Human Resource Management,

Public Administration,

Business Communication,

Local Government Administration,

Practical Office Training

Conferences Attended: 
  • International Research Initiative Conference(Iric) Ait, Accra Ghana - 2016
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