Dr Bernard Effah

Dr Bernard Effah
Staff Grade: 

PhD Wood Science and Tech., Stellenbosch Univ., South Africa, 2017

Conferences Attended: 

Effah, B., Nti Asamoah, J., Antwi, K. (2017): Study of wood as a sustainable material for  climate change itigation using  Athena  EcoCalculator  and  System  Dynamic  Model In: Laryea, S. and Ibem, E. (Eds) Procs 7th West Africa Built Environment Research (WA BER)  Conference, 16-18 August  2017, Accra  (Legon), Ghana, 1273-1279.

  • Effah, B., Van Reenen, A., & Meincken, M. (2018). Mechanical properties of wood-plastic  composites  made  from  various  wood  species  with  different compatibilisers. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, 76(1), 57-68
  • Effah, B., Raatz, K., Reenen, A. V., & Meincken, M. (2017). Chemical force microscopy  analysis  of  wood-plastic  composites  produced from different wood species and compatibilizers. Wood and Fiber Science, 49(2), 146-157