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“If you can’t count or measure it, you can’t manage it”. Mathematics and Statistics speak all languages, affect all policies, and touch all aspects of people’s lives. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics came into existence after a reorganization exercise in 2011. The Mathematics Section of the Department is a servicing unit for other Departments of the School of Applied Sciences and the School of Engineering. The Statistics Section has since its establishment in 1993 been training students in
the Higher National Diploma programme in Statistics.


To become a Department that excels at producing high level man power that is career focused, practical oriented and have hands-on direction suitable to the needs of industry, community and country at large.


The programme is: to;
• Train Mathematicians and Statisticians in the requisite skills, techniques and aptitudes needed to carry out various mathematical and Statistical activities and programmes in all sectors of the economy and national life.
• Expose students to other related auxiliary activities and skills that are needed to orient them more adequately in addressing the data generation, modelling and analysis requirements for solving challenging development processes.
• Emphasise the acquisition of practical and problem solving skills that enable students to relate what they learn in the classroom to what is in practice. This is to enable them to play more meaningful roles in addressing current developmental problems at the national, regional and community levels.
The programme therefore provides “linked” or complementary courses that answer the basic questions of data collection, analysis, interpretation, publication and dissemination.
In addition to lectures,quizzes and homework assignments students are sent out on attachments (Industrial visits) to become abreast of the current practices and
methods, and processes in manufacturing and service establishments. The Mathematics Section also currently runs two programmes on part-time basis.
These are:
• Remedial classes in Mathematics for students who wish to improve upon their weak grades at the WASSCE
• Access course into HND programmes in Engineering and Applied Sciences for graduates from Technical and Vocational institutions who possess a minimum qualification (Intermediate or Craft Certificate or its equivalent) from a recognised examinations body such as NVTI or TEU.
Service to other Departments The Statistics Section teaches statistics and related courses in other departments. Courses taught in the other departments include: Research Methodology,
Quantitative Methods, Business Mathematics and Engineering Mathematics.


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