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The Department of Management Studies is under the Faculty of Business and Management Studies. Since 1992, the department has been training students for the award of Higher National Diploma certificate in Secretaryship and Management Studies. The programme is intended to acquaint students with basic management principles, concepts and the practices that managers employ or carry out in accomplishing organizational goals. Students are exposed to basic concepts of management which enable them to appreciate and apply principles, techniques, procedures and practices in the field of executive secretarial and managerial duties. Mid-level management jobs are highly challenging. With a global trend towards flatter, leaner, and more agile organizations, mid-level leaders need to adapt to increasing and more challenging responsibilities which are incorporated in more complex and sophisticated interpersonal issues, with less job security. Without strength in this group, the organization’s ability to implement its strategy and achieve results will be significantly limited.

The Department currently offers programmes leading to the award of HND in Secretaryship and Management Studies and Diploma in Business Administration. It has also submitted documents seeking accreditation to run HND in Business Administration, HND in Public Sector Management and B-Tech in Secretaryship and Management Studies.


To be a leading centre of learning for the training of students to effectively handle secretarial and mid-level managerial positions in both the private and public sectors of the economy.


The main objective of the Department is to train high caliber practically-oriented manpower for both public and private sectors of the economy. Subordinate objectives of the programme are to:

  • develop high level administrative and managerial skills in order to handle and adapt to major changes in businesses and the civil and public sectors with thorough knowledge in modern Information Communication Technology (ICT);
  • apply the management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling in their assigned tasks;
  • develop entrepreneurial skills to be self-employed;
  • develop higher skills in industrial relation and labour laws of the nation in order to be able to manage employee-employer relationships and
  • acquire working knowledge in handling human resource issues in organizations.



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