Workshop On Industrial Attachment Placement For All Students Of Kstu Is Organised.

Workshop On Industrial Attachment Placement For All Students Of Kstu Is Organised.

The Industrial Liaison Office of Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) has organised a workshop for students towards their preparation for industrial attachment placement.

The University has the obligation to produce graduates who are relevant to industry. This shall be achieved by linking in-school training to real industrial practice which provides life-changing opportunities and knowledge for students to gain and apply learned knowledge and skills at the workplace.

This was started to empower the junior members of the University community to prepare them for industry. Student are taken through various areas of industrial practice which will give them maximum preparation for industrial work.  This will provide products of the University with technical know-how and practical skills that will facilitate their recruitment into jobs and allow them to pursue careers in their chosen fields of study.

The workshop seeks to let students appreciate their chosen programmes more and also urging them to plan what to do before and after the attachment. The attachment is a scoring programme and it is one thing which makes the technical universities different from the traditional ones. KsTU students have garnered a good track record in industry and the students have over a long period of time proven to perform well while many have secured permanent job placement through the programme.

According to the Industrial Liaison Officer of KsTU Mrs. Rita Gyawu, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected its activities planned for students’ preparation towards their industrial attachment. The Liaison Office therefore, decided to meet the objectives of the programme by organising the workshop on faculty basis for the students, to allow them gain the knowledge and necessary skills that will prepare them for future work placements and their personal development.

The industrial attachment placement programme is an activity under the Liaison Office which is in charge of promoting work-based training for both students and lecturers of KsTU in collaboration with various industries and institutions across the country. This workshop is organised for all faculty students. 

Picture: The Industrial Liaison Officer of KsTU Mrs. Rita Gyawu interacting with the students.

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