Upclose with Prof. Peter Kessels Dadzie: An Associate Professor Of Wood Materials Technology And Management

Professor Peter Kessels Dadzie is an Associate Professor of Wood Materials Technology and Management, at Kumasi Technical University and a professional teacher who holds a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and specialized in Technology Education in Wood and Construction (2002). He has MSc. Wood Technology and Management (2007) and PhD. Wood Science and Technology (2014) from the University of Education and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, all in Kumasi, Ghana respectively.

Prof. Dadzie by this feat becomes the first member of the Faculty of Built and Natural Environment to become Associate Professor. He is a senior lecturer with the Interior Design and Materials Technology Department, a member of the Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST) and the Forest Products Society (FPS) and has published over 17 research articles in various reputable journals.

When interviewed about the future of students in his field and the Faculty, Prof Dadzie said, there is a bright future and opportunity for Ghana to grow the economy by using wood through the exportation of its numerous products such as furniture. According to Prof. Dadzie, he seeks to nurture a life-long worldview that recognises the designers’ responsibility to the environment, society, and the profession. On his part as the Dean, the goal is to make students from his faculty advance the professions of Architecture and Interior Design by combining ethical judgment, creative research and technical expertise in pursuit of excellence to stand out among others in the same profession who have not acquired training.

Some of his research works include wood residue utilisation towards growth and development of industry as well as the preservation and sustenance of tropical forest ecosystem of Ghana. Prof. Dadzie has had the opportunity of attending and presenting some research papers at annual conferences and conventions. 

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