Amnesty To Past Students

It is announced for the information of the University Community and the General Public that an Amnesty programme has been approved for students pursuing the University internal and CTVET programmes to redeem themselves after failing to do so within the stipulated period.


1. Eligibility

A Student who enrolled since 2001/2002 but could not complete his/her programme of study within the stipulated grace period. This excludes a student who has been previously expelled or withdrawn from the University for the same programme.

2. Duration

Effective 2022/2023 for three (3) consecutive academic years

3. Fees

i. Per Course:

• Regular - Ghc 300.00

• Evening or Weekend – Ghc 400.00

ii. For a whole Academic Year, the student shall pay the prevailing fees

iii. For a semester, the student shall pay 62% of the prevailing fees

4. Closing Date for 2022/2023 Academic Year

28th February, 2023

5. Steps to be Followed

i. Purchase of application form and processing fee - Ghc150.00

ii. Application to the Registrar through the HoD and Dean using an Application Form

iii. Submission of filled Amnesty Application Form to the Academic Affairs Office

iv. Payment of the prescribed fee following receipt of approval letter, and

v. Submission of a copy of the approved letter to the ICT Directorate for registration of


vi. Submission of printed copies of course registration to the Department of the student and the Academic Affairs Office.

For further inquiries please contact the Academic Affairs Office on 0322192002.

Thank you.

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Friday, December 23, 2022